Mentoring Circle Resources

Suggested Discussion Topics for Mentoring Circle Meetings:

  1. Work/Life Balance
  2. Best Practices for Good Time Management
  3. Learning to Manage People
  4. Determining your Strengths and Career Interests
  5. What do I want to be when I grow up? Identifying your dream job
  6. Developing your Network
  7. Resources for Industry Track Scientists
  8. Resources for Academic/Tenure Track Scientists

We suggest you complete our worksheet prior to meeting with your group for the first time to identify what you would like to discuss with your group! Click here: Mentoring Worksheet (please download and fill out electronically).

Some base rules about our Mentoring Program:

  1. Be realistic about your expectations! This is not a golden ticket for success, just another tool to help you get there!
    2. Be prepared and respond to messages from your group.
    3. Please do your homework and come prepared with your thoughts, advice and questions for your group. This benefits everyone involved! Check out the resources we have compiled on the PDA blog for ideas and discussion points!
    4. Respect and keep an open dialogue. This is a safe place for everyone to discuss their thoughts – not just one person.
    5. Respect the confidentiality of the circle.
    6. Try to meet regularly! Ideally once a month for about an hour.
    7. Have fun!

How to start:

  1. Use our Worksheet (attached) to prioritize topics for discussion before your first meeting, discuss as a group and decide and schedule what you would like to cover. Please send your completed form to Sarah ( Feel free to use the listed topics or discuss anything else with your group! There are no required topics!
  2. Assign a topic to each person to be the “organizer” for that topic. This person should schedule the next meeting and try to kick off the conversation. Use Doodle poll– a free online tool, to identify the dates and times everyone is free and to schedule your next meeting.
  3. Pick the best times and places to meet! Ideal locations are places that are relatively quiet. Some examples include:
    – Boston Common Coffee Company in Downtown crossing
    – Voltage in Kendall Sq
    – Caffe Nero in Downtown Crossing
    – Panera in either Harvard Sq, Back bay (between Copley and Arlington T) or Theatre District
    – 5 Guys in Downtown crossing.
  4. Make use of the resources we have compiled to kick start your discussion! Find them here!

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